Athletic Gym – Website Redesign & Development, Advertising, Social Media

Bobyfit Athletic Gym revolutionized not only the fitness industry in Nürnberg, Germany, but also the way we think about being active. They introduced a new concept to the local fitness market – Functional Training – and since then it’s been our mission to convince as many people as possible that this is the perfect solution for a healthy, happy life.

Our client, Bobyfit Athletic Gym, wants people not only to look good, but to feel good. We are now all taking better care of ourselves thanks to Bobyfit. People are really starting to respond to this mission statement and are realizing that Functional Training is the future of fitness.

We have redesigned their website by adding functionality and a little sprinkle of inspiration. We were also in charge of promoting the gym through social media. We developed a social media strategy around  the idea of ‘looking good and feeling good’ that attracted people to the gym. Part of this strategy was the creation and management of several campaigns which gave our client a powerful social media presence.