Dragobete Love by Boromir / Iubeste de Dragobete cu Boromir

Aplicatie facebook


Get users to write love messages in an app we’ve made for Boromir’s Facebook page. The goal here was to help clients make public love declarations on the biggest advertising screen in Romania, the Cocor display near Unirii’s square. Users would enter the app, write a love message for that special someone, and then watch a live stream from the comfort of their home to see it appear on the big screen. This campaign was run for Dragobete (the Romanian love holiday) continuously for 12 hours .

What we’ve built

The Facebook app, the software communication system with Cocor’s big screen, a monitoring and review interface for the messages, statistics and of curse the live streaming system.


In the 12 hours of running the campaign over 1000 public display of affection messages were written. Some of them were beautiful, some of them were pragmatic, some of them were funny but all of them were written by people wanting the whole world to know how much they loved that special someone. A big surprise in the campaign is that, amongst the messages, we had five marriage proposals. Also likes started flowing to Boromir’s Facebook page and we also had a little bit of coverage in the media.

Bottom line

We loved this project from the moment we started building it. In 2012 no one else used Cocor’s display in this interactive real time fashion and we worked a lot on making this possible. There were subsequent real time display projects that kind of copied the idea, but we did it first. The marriage proposals were the icing on the cake on this one.