JTI’s Music Making Trampoline


As part of their Freedom Music campaign, JTI wanted to provide a unique and memorable experience at the SummerWell 2014 festival. They wanted people to create their own unique music and songs in an easy and awesome way.

What we’ve built

We built a trampoline on which people jumped and made music. It was a big project and we started out with schematics, tinkered around with a few sensors, called in a musical producer and in under one month built the first musical trampoline. To power the whole experience, we used a few raspberry pi boards, a motion detector, an accelerometer, a professional music production software, a sewing kit, a webcam and a computer.


During the final on site tests people were gathering around the installation interested in what it does and how it does it. When we opened it to the public on the first day of the festival, a line of people formed waiting to experience the music making trampoline. Every person had a 1 minute jumping and composing session. After the experience, everybody was presented with a fridge magnet containing branding and a picture of them having fun on the trampoline. All in all about 600 people jumped and made a unique song in the two days it was available at the festival.

Bottom line

The experience of making music by jumping on a trampoline was awesome. We ourselves realized how fun it was in the early stages of testing. People wanted to jump continuously just to see what kind of music they could make.