Kinder + Sport, MiB Website and App Development

kinder plus sport

The guys at MiB needed to implement the running kinder + sport program which was already successful in other countries to a national level in Romania. They wanted to encourage children to get active and practice sports on a regular basis. They wanted us to develop a website which hosted an app helping kids, parents and teachers keep track of every activity, competitions and results.

The goal of this web app was to be a place where people could monitor and take part in a national competition between schools, in a championship system, starting with locals and ending with a grand final in Bucharest. Also the project involved moderators with a sports background – former athletes or graduates of the national sports institute, and other celebrities. We developed the website and provided support for the whole duration of the project.

This project lasted for two years (2014 and 2015) and was an astounding success: over 228 elementary school visits with a reach of 128,974 children, 21 activated cities, 6 regional competitions and of course 1 grand final in Bucharest and all the people participating in the project got their information and interacted with the website