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prajituri la birou house of cookeies

The guys who made House of Cookies ( wanted to make something special. It was a one of a kind special project that would become a business in itself. The problem they were trying to solve was simple. On your birthday you shouldn’t be concerned or stressed about organizing an office party. This is why they came up with “”. You can order online everything you need for your birthday party, including soft drinks, serving tools and of course, most importantly cookies, cakes, tarts and everything sweet, salty or sour in between.

This project includes a backend that tracks the order from the production line to the delivery so when you place an order everyone from the baker to the delivery guy knows what to do. You can have cookies, sweets and sours delivered at a certain time and place and you can even order party supplies. The frontend also contains some wonderful pieces of code that makes it compatible with every device on the market today. This project was a wonderful challenge from conception to execution and delivery. We’ve implemented a lot of custom code to help them realize the project they envisioned, we’ve helped them with the pretty photos and we got to try out everything sweet. We highly recommend you do too 😉 Yum-yum!