Rose Aerobic Brand Identity

We took on the job of developing a new brand identity for our good friends at Rose Aerobic. The brand itself is a small gym(we like to call it boutique) that offers aerobics, yoga, Zumba and all sorts of dancing activities. The shop itself revolves around passion for fitness and dancing and all customers became good friends since it opened. It also offers a wide variety of teas and that’s why the branding revolves around the tagline “Aerobic, ceai si voie buna”. They also wanted the brand to scale and to suggest trust and creativity. Since it’s an aerobics studio for women they wanted the logo to be “as cute as possible” but serious at the same time, to be able to franchise the brand at a later stage.

We started work and came up with the white-violet-dark violet color combination that suggested trust, cleanliness, precision and also something playful and young. We presented the idea and they were absolutely thrilled about it. They ordered a violet couch, we designed some violet cabinets and reception desk and the studio started to look really pretty.

The second step was designing the stationery, the subscriptions, flyers and all design related branding. We developed a new design for the monthly subscription cards, the timetable and the rest of the stationery.

They loved the result and their clients were really excited about the makeover.