Seara Ursus, MiB iOS iPad Promotional App

seara ursus

The guys at MiB needed to develop an iPad app for activations included in the Seara Ursus campaign. They had hundreds of locations to cover and needed an app that could help promoters engage with people better.  After fine tuning specifications and working on some design features we developed the iPad app that would help them achieve just that. A quick and easy activation with the brand in tune with the rest of the BTL campaign named Seara Ursus.

The app was a roulette style sweepstakes game that helped promoters gather information about consumers. Every consumer won something so we guess they were happy too. For us Seara Ursus was a very nice project that helped us learn more about how BTL works and we enjoyed doing it with the guys at MiB.

We also helped MiB distribute the app to over 100 iPads by coming up with a quick and easy way of installing and updating the app.