Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Apps

As part of our long standing development partnership with the Romanian news website we were asked to develop a suite of mobile apps for their fas growing audience. The task was to build apps on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile that people could use to stay connected to their favorite news site. The apps needed to be able to send push notifications whenever there were breaking news or news alerts. Also, the mobile app needed to always be in sync with their 100000 article database so that each article could be found and read on the mobile phone.

Having a long development relationship with we discussed the project and drew up some specifications for the apps, along with the development plan. We developed apps for all three platforms in parallel so they could be launched all together. We wanted to bring as much as we could from the newspaper desktop reading experience straight to mobile on all the three major platforms. We also wanted the user interaction and experience to be lightweight, accessible and super fast. This is why we streamlined the news fetching algorithm and wrote the apps in native code.

We then launched the apps and continued to make updates as to follow the development plan. We had a huge surprise to see the apps became really popular in just 2 months. The apps had thousands of downloads and counting in just under 2 months of being available in stores.

Right now we are continuously working with to improve and update these apps and all we can say is that they have big plans for them!

If you want to develop your own news app please get in touch with us! We can do it for you.