Website, Publishing Platform and Technology

We developed and launched back in 2013. Since then we’ve been the technology partner of one of the fastest growing news websites in Romania. We’ve also helped them achieve an impressive presence on Facebook and connect with their fans through custom publishing solutions. The technology behind the news site is based on responsive design and minimization of resources so that the whole operation is streamlined and efficient. We’ve been also handling the site’s server needs and hardware resource management. We are developing new stuff for every day and we are continuously helping them grow their presence in the market by doing all sort of secret stuff. If you are wondering how to grow your news website please get in touch with us.

Recently, we started offering publisher services for this website so if you want an advertising campaign please get in touch with us! We are using the best ad serving solutions on the market today and we can serve campaigns on any format imaginable, on any device, and at the best prices too.