JTI’s Nature Mirror Selfie Stand


JTI wanted to help people remember the beautiful experiences they had at the SummerWell 2014 music festival. What better way is there to remember happy times than snapping a selfie? They wanted to help people capture the experience in a beautiful natural scenery provided by the Stirbey Domain by creating a breathtaking mirror installation for taking selfies.

What we’ve built

We started the project with a few small scale mockups of the installation to get the scene and the angles right. Then we built a 180 degrees, 4 meters wide circle of mirrors that provided a beautiful view of the lake. This was installed on an elevated stage (1.2 meters high) and surrounded by lights.


Once it was built and assembled on site, the mirror installation was used by thousands of people to take selfies with the beautiful natural scenery. Although the weather wasn’t always friendly, the installation was engineered for structural strength and it withstood the wind and bad weather.

Bottom line

The people at JTI loved this installation so much that after the event was finished, they disassembled it, took it to their office and installed it there. We enjoyed that they liked it so much.