Indygen Cannon / Tunul Indygen


Build a cannon housed in a 9 x 4,5 x 3m box that users can use to shoot their facebook friends. Users can control the cannon from a facebook app (left, right, shoot) using a live stream camera to aim. They first select 4 facebook friends, wait for their turn and then gain access to the shooting range. While waiting, users can see what’s happening in the shooting range through another live stream camera that broadcasts live images from the box. Friends are displayed on 4 LED TVs that look like mobile phones. The aim here is to shoot their facebook friend in order to win an Indygen Smart SIM card and points in the contest. Every once in a while a monster appears on one of the screens and if users accidentally shoot it they get no points or SIM cards. The purpose of the interaction was to distribute as many SIM cards as possible and get people to use the Indygen network.

What we’ve built

The cannon, the aiming system, the firing system, the cannon reloading system, the facebook friend display system, the live stream system for aiming, the live stream broadcast system, Raspberry Pi communications and the control and reporting system.


The cannon and the box travelled to five of the biggest Romanian cities (Bucuresti, Brasov, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara) and was displayed in the center squares of the cities between October 27th and December 3rd, 2013. Everything was live streamed so each player was able to shoot in real time or watch what was happening. At the end of the campaign over 7000 plastic balls were fired at the screens. The box attracted a lot of attention from passers by helping samplers explain the product to a lot of people. The campaign also helped Indygen to gather Facebook fans on the page bringing in almost 30.000 new people that liked the brand.

Bottom line

This was in deed a special project which we enjoyed doing. It required our best efforts and our expertise in a varied range of fields from live streaming broadcast, programming software and hardware and garage engineering to metal welding and ballistics physics. It was one of our biggest challenges.