UpVee, Entertainment Website, 1.5 Million People Facebook Page


“If you are thinking like a media company and or a publisher, then you are going to start prioritizing brand. And don’t get me wrong, no amount of marketing is going to sell a shit product. But brand is everything if you are trying to create a business of value. […] If you don’t start thinking like a media company and prioritizing brand along with content, you are going to lose. This is the way the world works. This is where the attention currently is. ” – Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, author, speaker and internet marketer

This is why we wanted to create our own media company. We developed UpVee into a media organization on a mission to bring scientific studies about psychology and human sciences to a mass audience through the power of Facebook Videos and Instant Articles. We try to produce high quality engaging content, both video and articles, designed to be enjoyed and understood by as many people as possible. Our page already has almost 1.4 million people liking it, more following it and has had hit videos with as many as 100 million views. We are a serious publisher and after we get it we plan to increase the number of videos and articles we make and publish by increasing our team. We already have 6 team members creating content and we’ve been growing a lot in the last year.