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Here at Soma Social our motivation is innovation. We like to think big and we like to take on challenges at unimaginable scale. That’s why, since we’ve launched the company in 2012 with just 3 employees, we’ve been progressively building bigger and bolder things and continually expanding our team. We take great pride in having built the most awesome team of developers providing amazing technological solutions from mobile apps to the latest groundbreaking web technologies. This is why we’ve been a reliable and trusted business partner for the biggest names in businesses from industries such as telecommunications, advertising and marketing and news & media publishing. We also work with small businesses to help them develop and achieve their goals. We always aim to expand our range of services and build bigger and better things so if you develop your business or build something bold we would love to talk to you.

Contact us and we will set up a meeting to discuss your plans right away.


Using the latest web technology we strive to design websites that deliver your brand message in a clear and compelling way. The final product is lightning fast, responsive on the web and all mobile devices and with a beautiful bespoke design that sets it apart from competitor’s websites. From presentation websites to e-commerce platforms to everything you can imagine in-between, we can build it. Awesomeness guaranteed.

We develop amazing apps and we love doing it. From Facebook to mobile and web applications we’re experts in streamlining the development process and coming up with a product that sets itself apart from everything you’ve seen before. We have developed, tested and launched lots of native mobile apps in iOS, Android, Windows Mobile for big businesses, Facebook apps with millions of users and Web Apps designed to organize and streamline internal processes to help businesses grow and focus on what’s important to them.

We take great pride in helping businesses achieve their full potential through online advertising and marketing. Since Soma Social was launched we’ve been successfully helping dozens of companies grow and reach better market shares through Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, bespoke Facebook Page Management strategies, online marketing strategies,  online business development consultancy, social media strategies and digital media buy. Aside from digital media services we also provide BTL services, outdoor banners, indoor banners and production.

Nothing compares to the feeling of a new brand being launched or an old brand getting a makeover. We know how important brands are in the business world. We love to explore the core intrinsic values of a business in order to develop a brand from scratch or apply a fresh coat of paint to businesses that have grown old. As we strive for excellence, we always choose to work with the people involved in the business and get to know them, what they do and why they do it, just to add the human touch to the brand.

We have a super special projects department. These are projects that are so awesome they’re almost unbelievable. Literally, when we tell people what we’re working on they do not believe us. We think that’s a good thing. That’s why we have a lot of fun building astoundingly complex machines, devices and integrations that amaze and awe people. Just check out the special projects section in our portfolio. We know you want to.

Through our experience with big businesses we’ve learned that the two most important things in a business relation are trust and reliability. Through the top quality support we provide we seek to give business owners peace of mind by building long lasting business partnerships. It’s very important for any business owner to know that if something unplanned happens there is someone fixing the problem right now. This is why businesses think of us as partners they can rely on.


  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Brand Design and Redesign
  • Mobile, Web and Facebook Apps
  • Partnerships and Support
  • Super Special Projects
  • Web Design and Development

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